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We approach each project individually and assemble project team in accordance with their experience and talents; one and the same person cannot design a shopping center, a logistics hub and a residential equally well.

You can order a project with us having only an idea - we will carry out all the necessary comprehensive of design and at the output, you will receive all the necessary construction documentation. You can also contact us with a ready-made architectural concept.

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Architecture is what everything starts with and what everyone has in the public eye. The architect is a project conductor. Our talented conductors do not just draw buildings; they create a spatial materially organized environment for comfortable life and activity of people. Architectural solutions from CEPRO are both an excellent appearance and competent planning with minimal loss of usable space.

  • Multi-storey buildings
  • Detached houses
  • Business centers
  • Malls and shopping centers
  • Mix-use/multifunctional complexes


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The cost of modern facade systems can reach up to 20% or more of the total cost of the building, and therefore, CEPRO pays great attention to this issue. Solid experience of the facades design allows us not only to create an attractive and high-quality facade but also to find the best solutions for efficiency and high performance index.

  • Translucent facade systems
  • Ventilated facade
  • Combined facades


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Constructions – this is the structural core of any building its safety, and reliability. The qualifications and experience of our designers allows us to develop all-inclusive projects of multi-storey civil objects with complex architecture and structures. The use of the 3D modeling and the newest software systems for the load calculating allows creating the most optimal design without overspending on additional volumes of materials.

  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Metal structures
  • Design of the bases on difficult soils
  • Engineering structure design (slope reinforcement, retaining walls)


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Nowadays engineering systems are so closely interrelated and have so many functional contact and interaction points that designing one without the other leads at least to inefficient operation of such systems and an overestimated cost of implementation. We pay a lot attention to the sustainability and centeredness of engineering systems, and we are independent when choosing a solution and equipment vendor, which allows:

  • - find the best solution for you and create the most efficient engineering system of the object
  • - reduce the prime cost and construction timeа
  • - avoid errors in the interaction of systems
  • - avoid collisions when designing
  • - reduce the design period
  • Power supply
  • Fire safety/protection systems
  • Water supply and sewage
  • HVAC(Heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Low power networks
  • Automation and supervisory control

Intellectual house

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This is for those who look up to the future and value their time. It is one more step closer to IoT. Information on all systems is reduced to a single control center, rather than several SCADA systems, and in case of an apartment – to a personal panel on the computer or smartphone. Decision-making can occur in both automatic and manual manner. In an easy and convenient form you are given the opportunity to set the most appropriate and comfortable scenarios for the formation of an apartment climate, energy, water, heat consumption, security, etc.

  • Control life cycle and deformations of the constructive
  • Climate and air pollution control
  • Energy management
  • Water leakage control
  • Integrated security system
  • Control of a terms and condition of parking spaces

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